The Ula Tortilla Story

 Stephanie Murray and James Price started Ula Tortilla on a whim. With a flock of sheep, a large garden, wild foraging, hunting and fishing they were able to provide most of their own food. They were lacking a staple and decided to experiment with growing dent corn to produce tortillas and cornmeal.

This experiment turned out to be a great success! The corn was plentiful and after many trials the tortillas were like nothing they have ever tasted before. Fresh, earthy, corny and simply delicious. Stephanie, with her entrepreneurial spirit, thought it a good idea to take these tortillas to the local Nelson County Farmers Market. The market was also a success! They knew that they were onto something. Word spread and sales continued to grow. Just a few months after their first market they were discovered by Whole Foods!

Today, they are very happy to share their product with customers in the entire Mid Atlantic region and a little beyond.